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Yadoya Guesthouse Tokyo
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Useful info


Food in japan is delicious. Food and people are the greatest appeal of the country. But not everything in Japan is sushi and tenpura.


One of the main meals of the country are the noodles. The noodle restaurants abound in Tokyo. They are cooked in many different ways, with or without broth with vegetables, meat, fish, egg ... Also the prices are usually very affordable. Strongly recommended.


Delicious rice ball(filled with meat, fish, vegetables ...) Very practical, can be carried anywhere, eat anytime, anywhere.


Vegetables or fish coated in flour. Don't forget to try tenpura soba!


Delicious crescent-shaped pies usually stuffed with meat. You could eat it with some meals (like noodles) or eat only gyoza.


Convenient and cheap, a dish you can buy for a small fee at any konbini . Comprised of varied and balanced food.


Balls stuffed with bits of octopus and dressed with sauce, herbs and dried bonito. Normally you can buy 6-8 balls between 400 and 500 yen. With luck and serching well you can find these sticks of four at 100 yen. Cheap and very very very good. Do not come back home without trying!


A bowl of rice topped with tonkatsu and an egg. It is usually accompanied by a small bowl of miso soup and sometimes pickled ginger or radish.

Sushi (Of course)

Delicious! Maybe the price is not the best appeal but you should try the sushi sold around Tsukiji fish market.


Yakitori is basically made with several bite-sized pieces of chicken meat. You can order from Izakaya, and usually you can choose the the flavor when you are ordering, Shio (salt) or with Tare sauce.

O kashi

To sweeten do not forget the immense variety of desserts that exist here. Filled with chocolate and anko, jam, covered in sweet sauce, made with green tea, gelatin. The variety is awsome. You should try.


The famous Doraemon loved cakes, a kind of sandwich made of anko between two pancakes. Just try them, you will know what attracts the cosmic cat.


Sweet rice cakes filled traditionally with anko, although at present can be found with jam, chocolate (as in this picture), etc. and wrapped with an oak leaf. The kashiwa-mochi are traditionally eaten in Children's Day (May 5th.).We recommend the chocolate ones!

Mizu ame

Liquid Candy (a little thicker than honey) transparent or yellowish transparent with very sweet flavor served with a stick like a lollipop. It is very traditional so is not easy to find in Tokyo, because of that we recommend to try it.


Sweet cake fish shaped filled with anko or white-sweet beans paste.